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FleshJack - Moving Beyond Your Hand!

Fleshlight Sex Toy

You may well have seen that’s there’s been a lot of talk recently about Fleshjack, and you may well be wondering what the fuss is all about. Well, I can tell you that the fuss is about an innovative, totally value for money, new sex toy for men. And I can also tell you that the fuss is justified as this neat little invention has already climbed to the top of the popularity charts among Fleshlight fans.

What The Hell Is It?

You probably know that a Fleshlight is a hand-help masturbation unit that simulates the feel of a real ass or mouth, but you may not know that the Fleshjack is coming up fast as the new generation of jack-off toys. For years women have had the monopoly on sex toys with vibrators and dildos, so it’s about time us guys got a look in and we can now get a good look in with a toy that not only satisfies but one that can be customized to our own tastes.

The Next Best Thing to the Real Thing?

The Fleshjack uses a new inner skin to give you a totally realistic performance. This inner layer has been scientifically designed to replicate the smooth and hot feel of the orifice that you want around your cock. Checking out the various sites and stores where the Fleshjack is available you'll see that you have a few choices:

There is the Classic Jackass – the Butt Fleshjack that resembles a smooth, tight ass and this version simulates anal sex. Not only does it look like a tight butt but it feels like one too, giving you the tightest sensation around your penis. This version is best used with the Super-Tight insert for the ultimate tight ass sensation. But be warned, if you’re big you may find this version very, very tight. For a similar experience but with a size to suit all, the Fleshlight Butt may be for you. Fleshlight is the company behind Fleshjack and their classic Fleshlight Butt simulates a tight ass too, but allows more comfortably for your girth.

For all oral-lovers there’s the All American Jack – Mouth Fleshjack. This toy waits obediently for when you’re ready for some head and even looks like a pair of willing lips. It feels like a hungry mouth too and, with the Super-Ribbed insert inside, it actually feels like a real mouth; this is the closest thing you will get to a blow job and the mouth will fit snugly around any sized penis.

And there is even something for guys who are not sure what they want, or for guys who want an all round sensation. The Non-Descript Fleshjack simply has an expandable but tight fitting opening. If the cover-cap should fall off no one is going to know exactly what this is so it’s also discrete and less obvious than the other models. But, like them, it is also customizable, lightweight and easy to carry. All of these versions can be designed, by you, to give you exactly the pleasure that you want.

Bottom Line

Although these are toys they have practical uses too. Until the Fleshjack came along there was no real way to train your stamina but now these handy toys can be used for stamina practice. You will be able to train yourself to hold back, stop yourself from shooting too soon, and this means you’re going to be able to last longer in bed. Think of your new best friend as a work-out for your cock, or simply as a great way to bring relief.

But you don’t need to take my word for how great the new Fleshjack is. It’s simple, easy and not expensive for you to get your hands on, and your dick inside, one of thee stunning new products. Check out it to see how easy it is to customize your Fleshjack, and you will soon be in control and enjoying perfect orgasms when and where you want to.

Fleshlight Sex Toy

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