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Prostate Stimulator - Explore a New Male Erogenous Zone!

A prostate stimulator is a male sex toy used for prostate stimulation during masturbation or sex. The prostate, a small organ responsible for producing the fluid part of a man's ejaculate, is located inside the body, surrounded by soft tissue in the region between the anus and the base of the scrotum. Since the prostate is primarily accessible through the anus, prostate stimulation is also more commonly known, anal stimulation or anal sex. Though many men are shy to admit it, most find some sort of anal or prostate massaging to be tremendously stimulating and erotic. And not only gay men, even heterosexuals and bisexuals agree that inserting a finger or prostate stimulator into the anus during sex causes incredible, throbbing orgasms.

There are a few ways to locate the prostrate gland in your body. The prostate is a small gland located within the perineum, which is the area between your testicles and anus. If you try rubbing the perineum with your or your partner’s fingers a deep feeling of pleasure is obtained. This is where the prostate is situated in your body. Another method of locating the prostate is by inserting a finger into his anus up to about the second knuckle while facing him, then curling the finger slightly towards yourself will give you direct contact and stimulation of the prostate.

Before the prostate stimulator reached star status among enthusiastic lovers, the humble fingers were often employed to explore this mystical spot. Fingers still remain the most comfortable and safe option if you want to start off with prostate stimulation the first time. Prostate stimulation through fingers caused the creation and popularity of the prostate stimulator, a cone shaped vibrating plug that is inserted into a man's anus during sex and left in position until orgasm. If you have never explored the idea of using a prostate stimulator, or other anal toys like butt plugs, may be you can start by reading up on the subject. Though such discussions rarely surface on boys’ nights out, you can also try talking to a few friends or look up the Internet for information on prostate stimulation and its effects.

Once you do, you will be surprised at the number of men who use a prostate stimulator regularly to enhance their sexual pleasure, solo or with partners! And, we are not just talking gay men here, most heterosexual and bisexual men also enjoy the use of a prostate stimulator along with their regular love making techniques to realize heightened passion and truly convulsing prostate orgasms. Remember that contrary to rumors using a prostate stimulator is not an indication of sexual orientation. A prostate stimulator has been shown to heighten sexual pleasure and increase the intensity of a man’s orgasm and is often recommended by friends and doctors alike.

The reason why prostate orgasms are such a pleasure is that when aroused, certain points in our bodies produce a pleasurable sensation, which is sent from the brain. These erroneous zones are richly supplied with nerve endings that convey the sensations to the brain, which in turn produces endorphins. These magical hormones are responsible for that giddy feeling of pleasure and ecstasy for which orgasms are craved! And now for the good news, just like women can have multiple orgasms when aroused in a certain way, men too can have throbbing orgasms through prostate massage using a prostate stimulator!

Once you start enjoying the pleasure of prostate stimulation, and are yearning for more, get your hands on a good quality prostate stimulator. Though there are plenty available in the market, one of the most preferred brands is Aneros. Scientifically designed and created, Aneros is an anal sphincter-driven, perineum-prostate stimulator. With a simultaneous stimulation of certain points in your prostate and perineum, this prostate stimulator can help you achieve unbelievable intense and continuous orgasms. So wait no long to explore the hidden pleasures of a prostate orgasm. Get online and order one now!

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  • Randy October 1, 2017, 10:54 am

    I’m gonna cum all up in my ass today my tip is touching my asshole so if I keep stretching by this evening I’m fin. Be in second say ;$

  • Brian August 6, 2018, 12:14 pm

    Alright Randy good job wish I could watch maybe I need to pick up a couple of techniques

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