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Prostate orgasms offer much more than sexual ecstasy – they are really good for you!

Prostate orgasms can be the best and most wonderful orgasms that a man can have. This is because of the unique way in which they are triggered. Located in a very important part of the male body, the prostate is surrounded by all of the nerves that connect the sexual organs to the brain. Because of its extreme proximity with hundreds of nerve endings, a simple prostate massage can do far more to set off these nerves than any other sexual play making prostate or male g-spot orgasms an unforgettable experience, every time!

Men who have experienced these prostate orgasms agree that it possibly the closest a man can get to experiencing convulsing, throbbing, out-of-the-world orgasms that women experience. Different from regular male orgasms in both intensity and sensations, these orgasms are much more prolonged and satisfying. It is small wonder then that the prostate has come to be known as the male g-spot after its female counterpart and prostate orgasms are called as male g-spot orgasms.

Prostate orgasms are simple to have and can be achieved alone or with lovers. You can try exploring the prostatic ecstasy by externally stimulating your perineum. It is the area lying between the anus and the scrotal sacs and covers the prostate from the outside. The gentle caresses of your lover in this area will really drive you mad with pleasure. Or if you want to go all the way, try exploring the actual prostate massage by inserting your finger through the anus to reach the prostate. Or you can ask your partner to help.

Besides the tremendously powerful orgasms, prostate stimulation has many more benefits than just pleasurable ones. There are many health benefits that can be gained by having orgasms in this way. For one, prostate stimulation and prostate orgasms have been linked to maintaining a strong and healthy prostate gland. Considering the number of men who suffer from prostate enlargement or prostate cancer every year, this is a major issue, and prevention should be something that's definitely on your mind.

Prostate orgasms are not just for gay men, thousands of straight men engage in prostate stimulation daily. In fact, just like masturbation, having these orgasms can increase your vitality. Men who engage in prostate stimulation have reported an increase in sexual virility and have adopted prostate orgasms as a healthy and safe masturbation technique. Even doctors and therapists recommend prostate stimulation to increase the strength of your sexual muscles just like other exercises. Prostate orgasms have also helped many men overcome premature ejaculation by regular exercise of the prostate gland, which is responsible for it.

Along with individual health benefits, prostate orgasms are also a great supplement while men are taking Viagra. On one hand while Viagra will provide chemicals to increase your sexual ability, prostate orgasms will increase your ability to perform through physical exercise. Not only will your enhanced sexual performance reveal new sexual highs for you, it will also help you score with your lover!

It can be a little difficult for some men to try out prostate orgasms without external help. Fortunately, there are many different products on the market that are specifically designed to give great prostate orgasms. Aneros is one such prostate stimulator that has become a hit with men who enjoy prostate orgasms. Because of its unique cone shaped design and the super smooth soft feel, Aneros is very simple and comfortable to use. Unbelievable as it may sound, the Aneros prostate stimulator is technically designed to use the muscles and movements of your own body to give perfect prostate orgasms every time it's used.

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