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Prostate Massage - Enhance Your Sexual Pleasure and Health

Less spoken about than practiced, prostate massage is a topic of much discussion and debate. While hundreds of men are already reaping the fruits of a regular prostate massage, many still wonder if it is really useful at all. Well, to put all your haunting prostatic queries to end, read on to discover the many pleasures and health benefits of massaging the prostate gland or the male g-spot!

Situated at the root of the penis, the prostate is a small gland responsible for male reproductive and urinary functions. While on one hand it produces the seminal fluid on the other it also controls the urine flow in a man. Externally it can be stimulated or massaged by rubbing the area between your testicles and anus, also called the perineum. Internally, the prostate gland is about two inches from the anus and can be stroked with your fingers inserted in the anus.

Richly supplied with blood vessels and nerve endings, the prostate is very sensitive to touch. Prostate stimulation, externally or internally, produces a warm, tingling sensation running down your spine and is one of the most pleasurable sensations for a man. This is just one of the many reasons that anal penetration feels pleasurable to men and they often indulge in prostate massage on a regular basis. In many cases, men experience the most ecstatic orgasms when indulging in a prostate massage.

However, there are a lot of doubts about whether prostate massage on a regular basis can actually make you gay or impotent, perhaps because they are so pleasurable. For those men who are heterosexual and fear that anal play may lead to homosexual feelings or that someone will think they are gay, here’s some enlightening news. Prostate massage as a therapy and a tool to increase sexual performance and pleasure has been recommended by doctors the world over since ancient times. Even today, prostate massage is the simplest and safest reply to many of haunting sexual troubles that men suffer from!

Now that you are convinced that inserting something in your anus will not make you a homosexual, lets explore the many health benefits of prostate stimulation. Intended to prevent and cure prostate diseases that have troubled the male gender for centuries, prostate massage explores a new and natural method of treating these ailments. When practiced on a regular basis, it has helped many men recover from incontinence and other bladder and prostate dysfunctions.

Many doctors recommend that men examine themselves often by checking the condition of their prostates through a prostate massage. You can determine the condition of the prostate by feeling for changes in size and resilience. Checking your prostate as often as possible or at least every few months will help you to establish a standard for yourself. By doing so, you will be able to detect any changes in the size and flexibility of your prostate. A very hard, enlarged, or painful prostate is an indication of a disorder that could lead to cancer or some other major problem.

The technique of prostate massage actually involves three organs of the male reproductive system: the prostate gland, the seminal vesicles, and the ampulla, which is the reservoir holding the male sperm just prior to ejaculation. Since all the three organs are stimulated during a prostate massage, its benefits are manifold. Traditionally, doctors would massage their patients' prostates regularly to cure or prevent disease. Thankfully, you don’t have to be embarrassed anymore. You can practice prostate massage yourself or have your partner do it for you.

You can also try the medically researched and designed Aneros prostate massager developed specifically to massage the prostate-perineum. By far the most effective of any prostate massager, it is the only prostate massager anatomically designed to work perfectly with the male body. You can simply position Aneros into the anus for a thoroughly relaxing prostate massage. For best results, allow 10 to 20 minutes for relaxation and try meditative breathing exercises during this time.

And if you would rather try prostate massage without external instruments or help from your partner, you can employ kegel exercises to help you. Developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel in 1946, these simple exercises for the pubococcygeal muscles, which circle the anus, are very effective at giving you a prostate massage. Whatever be your choice, masturbation, sex, massagers or kegel exercises, try out prostate massage to experience a new healthy and sexy way of living!

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