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Understanding the Male G-spot Orgasm – Yes, It's Real!

The new male g-spot orgasm! Yes, there really is a magic pleasure button in a man's body that, when stimulated, will produce mind blowing, unending orgasms. This magic button is called the prostate and these are actually prostate orgasms. The male g-spot orgasm is really a dream orgasm that is closest to its female counterpart from which it gets its name. Men who swear by it say that it is the most powerful and intense orgasm they admit having experienced.

The important nerves that control the sexual organs, including those controlling erection, orgasm, and ejaculation, converge at the prostate and the perineum area. The prostate, perineum, and anal sphincter hold important roles in male sexual orgasms and have further roles to play in the over all health of men too. For this reason, prostate massage has been very effective means for healthier and enhanced sexual functions since ancient times. Classic sexual tomes such as the Kama Sutra expound upon the vast sexual potential hidden within the prostate and the innumerable health and pleasure benefits of the male g-orgasm.

The male g-spot orgasm is not just different from the female g-spot orgasm, but also from regular male orgasm. Most men who have experienced a male g-spot orgasm will describe it as a deep and very powerful, dry orgasm, unlike any they have experienced before without any external sexual organ stimulation. Moreover, the male g-spot orgasm is much more prolonged and satisfying than regular male orgasms since they are very deep rooted and are a result of the stimulation of three or more erogenous zones at once. Lets understand the few factors involved that differentiate a man’s g-spot orgasm from a regular orgasm.

Ordinarily, when the brain is stimulated either physically by external sexual organ stimulation or emotionally, it sends signals to the nerves responsible for an orgasm. When a man indulges in prostate stimulation, the prostate massager or stimulator, itself physically and directly stimulates those nerves resulting in a touch sensitive, pure quality male g-spot orgasm. Thus, an intense, prolonged, multiple orgasm can be easily achieved by directly stimulating those nerves by using a good quality, prostate stimulator unlike regular orgasms that are purely tactile and external.

Not only does the male g-spot orgasm far exceed the pleasure of a regular orgasm, it can also be achieved independently, without a partner. Your anal sphincter will provide everything you need; perfectly tailored to your own preferences, to experience the most transcendental orgasm you have ever known. Furthermore, when you combine prostate stimulation with other love making techniques, the enhanced male orgasm can be intensified into a terrific mind blowing experience. Men who have experimented and experienced the male g-spot orgasm have been able to enjoy the experience for more than an hour with a succession of 6 or more individual orgasms, each with duration of one to three minutes. Something that you can never really imagine with a regular orgasm!

For most men, the g-spot orgasm has been an elusive dream heard or talked about but never experienced. The nerves located in the prostate are deep within the body and not easily reachable, leaving the prostate as an unexploited source of pleasure and sexual ecstasy only alive in fantasies of men. But today, thanks to scientific and creative innovations, a male g-spot orgasm is within reach using a prostate stimulator. Our article on prostate stimulator will tell you more about the prostate gland and how its stimulation can result in the fantastic g-spot orgasm.

You can pick from millions of shapely and effective, manual or electric prostate stimulators to experience the no-more-mysterious male g-spot orgasm. Though there are dozens of manufactures in the market not all of them take the responsibility of your well being. We recommend Aneros prostate stimulator with its patented, novel design specially so created to reach deep and hard, but safely. Aneros stimulates all internal and external sexual organs including the anus itself, by its own contraction, to give you a high quality male g-spot orgasm. Since it stimulates all three erogenous zones in the prostate, it helps to create an intense, multiple male orgasm, unlike any you have ever achieved. So hurry and get one now!

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  • Lee Lewis October 7, 2013, 10:02 pm

    I’ve had a prolonged orgasm but only once I had a double orgasm
    , but I was on something that night I was spiked with speed, which is not a good idea to do on purpose especially for health reasons in the long term, I’m interested in which would be the best, ” whatever to get and how to do it myself or a partner in the future, well it seems we never leave school lol. Thanks for the information

  • Brian August 6, 2018, 12:09 pm

    I do apologize for that. Very successful and penetrating my ass today so wasn’t able to come but I just got up afterwards it was just as intense. So I can fuck myself that would be great. I’m into a lot of other things. My biggest thing is panties I love panties I’ve also use them for jacking off for years till I discovered the technique in art of self fucking my ass thanks for listening keep it up fellas go fuck yourself

  • Brian August 6, 2018, 12:11 pm

    After leaving comment after comment guess what I just fucked my ass and came like a champ oh it was beautiful intense thank you thank you thank you I’m throwing all my panties out all I need now is a roll of paper towels

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