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Aneros Review - Male G-Spot? Why So Much Fuss?!

Aneros is the male G-Spot stimulator and is taking the market by storm. This great looking stimulation toy has been designed using a combination of science, technology and ancient erotic arts to bring you heightened orgasms that you would not have thought possible. In all the reviews of Aneros so far everyone has agreed that this is the number one male G-Spot stimulator; so you can be assured that it works.

What The Hell Is It?

Like all great inventions it is simplicity that wins. The Aneros is so designed as to stimulate your G-Spot, the nerves around your prostate, and to massage the perineum (the area between your ass and your nuts) at the same time while, on the other side you have a K-tab that works on acupressure points. Imagine having your G-spot sensitively massaged while someone simultaneously presses just below your nuts at that very sensitive point that only you know about. While this is happening your hands are free for any other pleasure that you want to give yourself or your partner. That’s what Aneros does and, when you do start to cum, you’re orgasm will be bigger, more intense and totally unbelievable because of it.

And another great fact is that the Aneros can be used totally ‘hands free.’ By which I mean it will be possible for you to bring yourself off without having to touch your cock. There are no batteries here, this is not a vibrator, the Aneros simply and skilfully transforms your body’s own vibrations and movements into awesome sensations. With some simple movements, and possibly a little practice, you will be able to use your Aneros to massage your own G-Spot in a way that no partner could ever do. If you've never tried doing this then you've been missing out on one of the most intense ejaculation sensations you will ever experience.

Curious But A Little Scared?

But not all guys are comfortable with the idea of inserting anything into their ass and that’s understandable. In fact the makers of Aneros understand this fully and so have come up with a range of sizes. From newbies (use the smallest) to experienced( use the Maximus) and other toy users there is a size to suit all, and all will bring the same sensations and the same mind blowing orgasms.

The Superiority of Male G-Spot Orgasm

And there is more to this aesthetically and sexually pleasing addition to your sex toy collection. Because the Aneros is working on your G-Spot you will find that your orgasm lasts longer. It starts deeper and builds more slowly bringing you unparalleled pleasure and giving you more time to pleasure your partner. Your build up will be longer and so will hers, you will be able to sustain a harder erection and for longer, bringing more pleasure to you both. And the Aneros can be used during oral sex, or simply when you are jerking off at home solo-style. Whenever you’re going to shoot your Aneros will ensure that you shoot harder. With one of these you are going to experience what is called the ‘Super-Orgasm’, the Super-O, an orgasm that starts in the lower abdomen and travels throughout your whole body.

Bottom Line

So the Aneros is the perfect way to bring you and your partner a more intense and satisfying conclusion to your love making. It is also easy to buy discretely on line. Check out http://www.aneros.com for a full description, instructions, testimonials and to find a store where the Aneros and accessories can be had for reasonable prices. Whichever model you choose, from the original MGX designed for the Asian market to the latest Progasm model, one thing is for sure: from now on you are going to experience the orgasm of your life.

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