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The new male masturbation machine has arrived. Gone are the days of rubbing yourself sore or shying away because of awkward sores and hurts. Thanks to the latest masturbation machines, having some solo fun has never been so easy for men before. No doubt that nothing can really compare to the immense pleasure of sex with a lover, but these mind blowing machines can sure knock your nuts off!

The latest Venus 2000 is the hot new gizmo that men are gushing about these days. This is a male masturbating machine is an evolution of the ancient Accujack, the first male masturbation machine. The Accujack was a simple tube with a pump that had a rubber sleeve for the penis. The pump changed the air pressure between the tube and the rubber, giving a smooth but firm fit. Lubed up, it is said to have felt very arousing. However the hand of the man supplied all of the energy for the motion. Venus can take care of that!

With modest good looks, the Venus 2000 is a black box weighing about 10 lbs. Its technically researched and truly creative design allows the Venus to be customized for its owner. One end of this male masturbation machine has a place to plug in a PC-type power cord, another socket for a wired remote control, and two tubes to connect the business end. The business end of this male masturbation machine is called the receiver. It is a Lucite tube with a connection for an air tube. Inside the Lucite tube is a rubber liner sized to fit the person it was ordered for. You will need to send across your accurate measurements, when you place an order for the machine.

Venus 2000 comes with clear instructions on how you can correctly plug all the wires in and kick back to have a blast. This male masturbation machine also comes with a small bottle of lube. Just pour some lube into the receiver and switch on the machine that will turn you on. The rubber liner contracts and expands at the speed you set and when empty, distributes the lube all over. The most amazing part about this male masturbation machine is that you do not have to be hard to use the device. In fact, men who are impotent can also achieve orgasm without getting erect using the Venus 2000.

All you men reading this article will agree that it is much more exciting to come when it is done to you instead of by you. The sensations achieved with this male masturbation machine are the closest to intercourse or oral sex that you have ever experienced or imagined. And now for the ultimate test of all - cleanup is a joy with the Venus 2000. All you do is remove the end cap, run water through the receiver and then run a bottle brush through the receiver a couple of times. Rinse the end cap and you are done!

If you would like to invest in a male masturbation machine that also doubles up for your female lover, we suggest the Unisex Love Machine. It is one of the only unisex masturbation machines in the market that comes with such a huge collection of attachments! With the ultimate in unisex masturbation techniques, this masturbation machine can guarantee you mind blowing orgasms, every time!

The electrically powered, fully adjustable Unisex love machine is designed to be the ultimate penetration and sucking toy. Lightweight and easily portable, the Unisex love machine has 5 multi-speed functions of vibration & pulsation. You can choose among the 5 unique programs in this male masturbation machine called - Foreplay, Tease, Pulsation, Vibration and Climax. This male masturbation machine also includes a masturbation sleeve & bullet. Some of the most exciting attachments include a passion skin vibe, 5-inch vibe, g-spot vibe, & an anal plug. With total angle adjustability, variable speed and a stroke length of 3 inches, this male masturbation machine is truly a bang for your buck.

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Device for Male Masturbation

Device male masturbation for the ultimate male orgasm

Tired the hands? It your relationship with lefty and righty becoming stale and boring?

Fortunately, we are experiencing a quiet male sexual revolution. No longer are adult toys just for woman. Now there is the device for male masturbation. Male masturbation tools that allow men to take their solo time to extreme and pleasurable levels.

By far, the most popular and effective device for male masturbation is the FleshJack. The male orgasms produced by this device are so intense and mind-blowing, many men find it hard going back to the hand.

Most men find that having an orgasm cause be some else (using their hands or genitals) is 10 times more fun than doing it yourself. The FleshJack give you that. And it feels soooooo good!

Ready For The Ultimate Device for Male Masturbation?

Another device for male masturbation is the Aneros. This is for men that are courageous enough to the deepest, mind-blowing orgasm a man can have. It for helps men reach the infamous male "g-spot" orgasm!



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The RealTouch Review

Could RealTouch be the Ultimate Male Masturbator?!

Upgrade your Flash Player to version 8 to view this video! (Click here for the download)

Getting tired of your right hand? Wanna take your masturbation to the next level?

Click here

You know how it is when you’re watching a really horny movie on line? You want to make your own pleasure as real as possible so you find all kinds of toys and ways to make your ‘old right hand’ feel like someone else’s. (Lying on it and sending it to sleep is not recommended.) But nothing quite does the trick like a real mouth or ass or someone else’s old right (or left) hand, so you are left simply jerking off to that hot movie and wishing there was a better way.

Click Here to Start having Hot, Virtual Sex with RealTouch!

Click Here Start Having Unlimited Virtual Gay Sex with RealTouch!

Well, now there is. This is where RealTouch comes in. It’s a sex aid, for sure, and on first inspection it doesn’t look much different from any other masturbation toy. But there is more to it than first meets the eye. Actually there is more to it than first meets the dick as well, as the informative site tells you. It’s self lubricating, heated and easy to clean. But that’s not all.

Unlike other toys of this kind, this one comes with its own videos. Now this is where things get really interesting. We’re told that each video is manually encoded using patented haptic (or touch) technology, so you feel the action that is unfolding on the screen. Basically you view a movie and your RealTouch appliance does the rest for you. Turn the lights down, settle in, and hey presto! You feel as if the hot girl (or hot stud if you go for gay videos) in the movie is actually doing what she’s doing but she’s doing it to your cock.

So how do you get to combine the two things? The viewing and the chewing, if you like. Well, you go to the RealTouch site, and you go to the Buy page. Here you will see that although the RealTouch Haptic Device, to give it its proper name, will set you back $199.95, but you also get with it: free delivery (USA), a bottle of lube and 60 free minutes to the protected area that holds the videos. And remember that these videos are linked to the device.

Ok, that’s all well and good. But what kind of videos are you going to get to see, and is it worth spending this money to see them? Here is where the site gets even more interesting. You can check out the list of movies from the Videos page, and there are over 600 (220 of them in the gay section), and there are 26 categories to filter them by. You won’t be able to test drive these before you sign up though, so I can’t tell you what the quality is like, but you will see that they are varied. You will also see that the run-times vary from around three minutes up to 10.

And there it is: a simple idea but one that we’ve been waiting years for. You view your videos and your device does the manual, oral and even anal work for you, but it does it ‘in time’ or at least in sync with the action that you’re viewing on the screen. Sounds perfect to me!

Click Here to Start having Hot, Virtual Sex with RealTouch!

Click Here Start Having Unlimited Virtual Gay Sex with RealTouch!


Fleshlight Sex Toy

Male masturbation was a taboo topic a few centuries ago. But even today the clouds of mystery and dilemmas surrounds the word. Ask any woman and she'll tell you that virtually all males masturbate, but men still try to hide or cover up this fact. Statistics too have revealed that though it is less spoken about than orgasms and aphrodisiacs, male masturbation is a much-practiced sexual tradition. Then why is there still a nagging thought or haunting guilt for some people?

If you have been wondering whether masturbation is normal, lets put your fear to rest. Yes, your body was created for you to admire, love and nurture. Your body's purpose is to give you confidence and pleasure. It is absolutely normal to try and reach out and explore your body as a child or to practice regular masturbation as an adult. If you don't love your body and admire it, who will?

And if some of you guys have been wondering what religion has to say about male masturbation, well, I knew of a Sunday school teacher who taught the boys to understand that God would rather they make themselves happy than to suffer or hurt others. As long as you understand that masturbation or call it self-gratification, if you may, is a form of satisfying your urges, it is absolutely normal and safe. Wouldn't you rather caress your body than turn the pent up frustration into a misplaced passion?

And that's not all. Masturbation, especially male masturbation, has tons of added benefits (if the serene pleasure and orgasmic energy are not enough)! One of the nice things about being a proud, frequent masturbator is you don't need to feel bad about not having sex every other day. Sex is great when it's done well and when you're ready for it. But the truth is, male masturbation can go a long, long way toward making you an incredible, fully satisfied sex partner.

Virtually all males masturbate, though some more frequently than others. Male masturbation usually continues throughout adulthood, even when other forms of sexual activity are available. No wonder then that male masturbation has been directly linked to successful self-acceptance in men. You need to fully accept the fact that you masturbate and enjoy masturbation. If you enjoy masturbation, you enjoy your penis - and almost without exception, if you can get great enjoyment from your penis, then someone else can, too.

Besides giving you incredible pleasure even without another person being there, male masturbation is also a hit for increasing your staying power. Though we all know of the times when you must masturbate in the shower or the bathroom at school, but as a rule if male masturbation is performed patiently and technically, it can greatly help to hold ejaculation and increase orgasms. When you masturbate you don't necessarily need to do it for hours, but you should at least be getting a feel for how your body works, what gives you maximum pleasure, and what you can do to throttle back that pleasure when necessary. Such trained and pleasurable male masturbation can truly turn a miss into a hit for you!

There are a variety of male masturbation techniques. The simplest technique is to begin by simply squeezing the penis. Once the penis becomes semi-erect, stroking normally takes place, from tip to base. By concentrating at first on the base of the penis and avoiding the tip permits the erection to proceed and is a basic male masturbation technique for delaying ejaculation. And don't forget to use a good water based lubricant. Male masturbation without one can be rough and painful at times.

Some of the most common tools that men use for masturbation are a fantasy, pictures or videos for inspiration. With technology becoming the mantra for life, the Internet also offers a huge number of websites for information and ideas on male masturbation. Besides that phone sex is a great way for induction to male masturbation if you are a beginner. Since you are actually dealing with another person, without strings attached, there is a sense of reality and added pleasure. So just kick back, lube up, stroke yourself and let your mind wander in search of just the right fantasy to inspire a gut-wrenching, vocal-cord-searing orgasm.


Fleshlight Sex Toy

Male masturbation toys have evolved from the humble pillows that have you back breaking, half-satisfying sort-of orgasms to the trendy new gizmos built for the modern man. Statistics suggest most men masturbate at some point in their lives, and many do it all their lives, even when they have a partner who is ready, willing and able to have sex with them. No wonder then, that manufacturers of male masturbation toys take their business seriously and it's a billion-dollar industry!

If you haven't tried masturbation and are apprehensive about it, we suggest you first read our article on male masturbation, which uncovers the many myths and dilemmas that surround this subject. If you have already experienced the deep and unending pleasure of masturbation and agree that you're entitled to a great sex life, and want to learn about male masturbation toys, this is the right page for you.

Masturbation allows you to let go of negative sexual messages and insecurities and focus on what brings you pleasure. And male masturbation toys help you learn more about your sexual responses and how they can expand your potential for pleasure! There are numerous male masturbation toys that can enhance your solo or partnered sex play and these are easily available online. Wouldn't you want to try on a little sexual diversity?

Fleshlight Sex Toy

The commonest of male masturbation toys is a masturbation sleeve. Generally all men masturbate with their hands or used couch cushions or toilet paper rolls in the floor to get off. Today, available at all leading websites that sell male masturbation toys, a masturbation sleeve takes the worry about stains or splinters off your mind. Intended to recreate the experience of a penis in a vagina, these male masturbation toys are simply tubes into which your penis is inserted. Squirt a bit of lube inside to make the sleeve more comfortable, particularly if you'll be thrusting in and out of it.

Cock rings, or penis rings, are rings are other popular male masturbation toys. Designed to fit around the base of the penis and the scrotum, they restrict the blood flow out of the penis. The resulting pressure can be very pleasurable and can heighten sensations in the penis and testicles. Since cock rings act to constrict the veins that would allow blood to drain out of an erection, some men find that wearing cock rings prolongs their erection or even makes their erection firmer, enhancing intercourse too if it is partnered sex play you involved in. In addition, the Cock Slings has an added bonus of external stimulating your prostate!

And if you are the man who wants some stimulation from your male masturbation toys, then O'Man Vibrating Ring with dual rubber support enhancement rings and a powerful removable micro-stimulator plus multi-speed controller can add a new dimension to your sex play. This masturbation toy supports your shaft and balls, giving you the power to pleasure yourself and your partner all night if you want to!

And now, imagine a masturbation machine for a man that so accurately imitates the sensation of being inside a warm, willing vagina or mouth that if you shut your eyes you would almost not know the difference. Believe it or not, the RoboSuck II Masturbator male masturbation machine is the nearest thing you will ever get to real sensations of sex without a partner. With a soft rubber membrane running through a plastic cylinder the sleeve is smooth as butter. The rubber membrane cunningly and deliciously inflates and deflates around your penis by air pressure generated by a powerful electric motor. The suction also causes the tube to slide back and forth along the shaft of your penis at the same time in a way that produces exactly the physical sensations of thrusting into a vagina, something no other male masturbation toys can offer.


Jerk Off in Public?

(scene from Fatigue Relief)

Have you ever had a thought to jerk off in public? Let me briefly go over some of the possible benefits and the very real risks.

There are several reasons many men consider jerking off in public:

  • The excitement of possibly being caught
  • the opportunity to commune with nature doing one of the most basic human instincts
  • you're horny as hell and need to release as soon as possible

However, along with these potential benefits come very serious risks:

  • If you jerk off in public and get caught you will be arrested
  • f you get caught it can be very embarrassing
  • ossible injury as a result of rushing to avoid not being caught

Now that I've gotten the risk out of the way, I'm going to tell you...

...Some of the most popular places people to jerk off in public:

  • in their backyard (assuming a non-see-through fence)
  • in the Jacuzzi (try not to come in the water; messy cleanup)
  • in the car
  • in an alley
  • in the woods
  • on the beach

Go-ahead. Give it a try and join the many men around the world with the adventure to jerk off in public...

Here six ways to jerk off guaranteed to keep you cumming hard for months!

1) Just you

  • Righty- You're no doubt very familiar with this method of jacking off ( if you are right-handed). In fact, it's probably your most frequently used and most reliable way to jerk off. You just wrap your right hand around your dick and began stroking until you come!

(scene from Horse Hung Hustlers)

  • Lefty - You may have tried this once or twice. It's nothing more than jerking off with your left hand instead of your right hand. And if you're right-handed, masturbating with your left hand can provide very interesting and unique sensations. It also allows you to masturbate longer, as generally it takes longer to come using the left hand (if you're right-handed).

(scene from Horse Hung Hustlers)

  • Two-hands - Having trouble deciding? Why choose between your left and right hand? Use both! Using both your left and right hand gives you the sensational benefits of both - at the same time. You can also play with your balls, perineum( area between your balls and anus) and maybe your anus for even greater pleasure. Also, this method more closely matches being inside someone...

2) Rubs - Look Mom, No Hands!

Rubbing your penis against something is one of the best, hands-free, ways to jerk off. The possibilities are endless. All you need is your hard dick and something to rub it against that you like. Here are some common things:
  • Sheets - you can choose cotton, silk or whatever material feels best. Experiment and find what works for you.
  • Furniture - many times it's not necessarily the actual material that gets you off but merely a great imagination and a little rhythmic pressure.
  • Underwear - just like with sheets, choose a material that feels best and start rubbing with your underwear still on!
  • Another person - rubbing against another person, clothed or unclothed, can be a very exciting experience. Just make sure that the other person knows that you intend to climax by rubbing on them.

3) With Masturbators

4) With Prostate Stimulation

  • Your finger

(scene from Me Myself And I )

(How Aneros, the prostate stimulator, works

5) Combos

If you want to experiment with combining prostate stimulation and dick stimulation, I recommend using the Aneros prostate stimulator since it allows for hands-free operation.
  • hands/ prostate
  • rubs/ prostate
  • masturbators/ prostate

6) Dry vs. Slick

There is definitely a difference between ways to jerk off using lube versus doing it dry. This is merely a preference. I recommend experimenting with both:

Experiment with these techniques...Here's for vids to help you out...

Full-Feature Adult Videos on Demand to masturbate to. There's sure to be a something just for you...

Straight Video on Demand Genres

Gay Video on Demand Genres

How many way do you jerk off?

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