Jerk Off in Public?

(scene from Fatigue Relief)

Have you ever had a thought to jerk off in public? Let me briefly go over some of the possible benefits and the very real risks.

There are several reasons many men consider jerking off in public:

  • The excitement of possibly being caught
  • the opportunity to commune with nature doing one of the most basic human instincts
  • you're horny as hell and need to release as soon as possible

However, along with these potential benefits come very serious risks:

  • If you jerk off in public and get caught you will be arrested
  • f you get caught it can be very embarrassing
  • ossible injury as a result of rushing to avoid not being caught

Now that I've gotten the risk out of the way, I'm going to tell you...

...Some of the most popular places people to jerk off in public:

  • in their backyard (assuming a non-see-through fence)
  • in the Jacuzzi (try not to come in the water; messy cleanup)
  • in the car
  • in an alley
  • in the woods
  • on the beach

Go-ahead. Give it a try and join the many men around the world with the adventure to jerk off in public...

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