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The RealTouch Review

Could RealTouch be the Ultimate Male Masturbator?!

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You know how it is when you’re watching a really horny movie on line? You want to make your own pleasure as real as possible so you find all kinds of toys and ways to make your ‘old right hand’ feel like someone else’s. (Lying on it and sending it to sleep is not recommended.) But nothing quite does the trick like a real mouth or ass or someone else’s old right (or left) hand, so you are left simply jerking off to that hot movie and wishing there was a better way.

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Well, now there is. This is where RealTouch comes in. It’s a sex aid, for sure, and on first inspection it doesn’t look much different from any other masturbation toy. But there is more to it than first meets the eye. Actually there is more to it than first meets the dick as well, as the informative site tells you. It’s self lubricating, heated and easy to clean. But that’s not all.

Unlike other toys of this kind, this one comes with its own videos. Now this is where things get really interesting. We’re told that each video is manually encoded using patented haptic (or touch) technology, so you feel the action that is unfolding on the screen. Basically you view a movie and your RealTouch appliance does the rest for you. Turn the lights down, settle in, and hey presto! You feel as if the hot girl (or hot stud if you go for gay videos) in the movie is actually doing what she’s doing but she’s doing it to your cock.

So how do you get to combine the two things? The viewing and the chewing, if you like. Well, you go to the RealTouch site, and you go to the Buy page. Here you will see that although the RealTouch Haptic Device, to give it its proper name, will set you back $199.95, but you also get with it: free delivery (USA), a bottle of lube and 60 free minutes to the protected area that holds the videos. And remember that these videos are linked to the device.

Ok, that’s all well and good. But what kind of videos are you going to get to see, and is it worth spending this money to see them? Here is where the site gets even more interesting. You can check out the list of movies from the Videos page, and there are over 600 (220 of them in the gay section), and there are 26 categories to filter them by. You won’t be able to test drive these before you sign up though, so I can’t tell you what the quality is like, but you will see that they are varied. You will also see that the run-times vary from around three minutes up to 10.

And there it is: a simple idea but one that we’ve been waiting years for. You view your videos and your device does the manual, oral and even anal work for you, but it does it ‘in time’ or at least in sync with the action that you’re viewing on the screen. Sounds perfect to me!

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Click Here Start Having Unlimited Virtual Gay Sex with RealTouch!