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Male Masturbation And Sexuality- Taking Matters In Your Own Hands!

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Male masturbation was a taboo topic a few centuries ago. But even today the clouds of mystery and dilemmas surrounds the word. Ask any woman and she'll tell you that virtually all males masturbate, but men still try to hide or cover up this fact. Statistics too have revealed that though it is less spoken about than orgasms and aphrodisiacs, male masturbation is a much-practiced sexual tradition. Then why is there still a nagging thought or haunting guilt for some people?

If you have been wondering whether masturbation is normal, lets put your fear to rest. Yes, your body was created for you to admire, love and nurture. Your body's purpose is to give you confidence and pleasure. It is absolutely normal to try and reach out and explore your body as a child or to practice regular masturbation as an adult. If you don't love your body and admire it, who will?

And if some of you guys have been wondering what religion has to say about male masturbation, well, I knew of a Sunday school teacher who taught the boys to understand that God would rather they make themselves happy than to suffer or hurt others. As long as you understand that masturbation or call it self-gratification, if you may, is a form of satisfying your urges, it is absolutely normal and safe. Wouldn't you rather caress your body than turn the pent up frustration into a misplaced passion?

And that's not all. Masturbation, especially male masturbation, has tons of added benefits (if the serene pleasure and orgasmic energy are not enough)! One of the nice things about being a proud, frequent masturbator is you don't need to feel bad about not having sex every other day. Sex is great when it's done well and when you're ready for it. But the truth is, male masturbation can go a long, long way toward making you an incredible, fully satisfied sex partner.

Virtually all males masturbate, though some more frequently than others. Male masturbation usually continues throughout adulthood, even when other forms of sexual activity are available. No wonder then that male masturbation has been directly linked to successful self-acceptance in men. You need to fully accept the fact that you masturbate and enjoy masturbation. If you enjoy masturbation, you enjoy your penis - and almost without exception, if you can get great enjoyment from your penis, then someone else can, too.

Besides giving you incredible pleasure even without another person being there, male masturbation is also a hit for increasing your staying power. Though we all know of the times when you must masturbate in the shower or the bathroom at school, but as a rule if male masturbation is performed patiently and technically, it can greatly help to hold ejaculation and increase orgasms. When you masturbate you don't necessarily need to do it for hours, but you should at least be getting a feel for how your body works, what gives you maximum pleasure, and what you can do to throttle back that pleasure when necessary. Such trained and pleasurable male masturbation can truly turn a miss into a hit for you!

There are a variety of male masturbation techniques. The simplest technique is to begin by simply squeezing the penis. Once the penis becomes semi-erect, stroking normally takes place, from tip to base. By concentrating at first on the base of the penis and avoiding the tip permits the erection to proceed and is a basic male masturbation technique for delaying ejaculation. And don't forget to use a good water based lubricant. Male masturbation without one can be rough and painful at times.

Some of the most common tools that men use for masturbation are a fantasy, pictures or videos for inspiration. With technology becoming the mantra for life, the Internet also offers a huge number of websites for information and ideas on male masturbation. Besides that phone sex is a great way for induction to male masturbation if you are a beginner. Since you are actually dealing with another person, without strings attached, there is a sense of reality and added pleasure. So just kick back, lube up, stroke yourself and let your mind wander in search of just the right fantasy to inspire a gut-wrenching, vocal-cord-searing orgasm.

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  • Roy April 1, 2010, 6:56 am

    I have to admit I enjoy Male Masturbation often, Releases my tension & mostly I like the feeling and pleasure I give my cock when I prolong as long as I can edge.I am a masturbator at the age of 47 & like it alot guys . Enjoy it. It’s my secret & like it alot.

  • kerrdog March 23, 2012, 5:29 pm

    I masturbate constantly, I’m 60 yrs old and I cant’ even think about my penis without jerking it. I like to edge when I can hold off but I am a hopless premature ejaculator so my hand is my best friend. I can not hide my “need” and I gush, so I have been caught several times, You cannot function in any way when you are cumming. Masturbation Rules!

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