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Multiple Male Orgasm - Learn 4 tips Now!

Using any or ALL of these Multiple Male Orgasm techniques will escalate you far beyond the average man, placing you in extreme demand in the dating game...

There are 4 Multiple Male Orgasm techniques. I used 4 approaches and amazed myself by how fast I became successful with Multiple Male Orgasm. Practice these techniques and you’ll amaze yourself too- and your partner:

Multiple Male Orgasm Technique #1: This approach is probably the easiest and most straightforward.

We've tried Roplex and it really works...It is a male orgasm intensifier. The strength and duration of an orgasm is dependant on many factors. The number and intensity of the physical contractions, along with the coinciding semen release are pleasure factors that when enhanced, lead to a much better climax! Roplex can even drastically reduce or eliminate the resolution period leading to multiple orgasms.

Multiple Male Orgasm Technique #2: This approach is the most popular among us Male-Multiple-Orgasm men and the most scientifically founded.

During the resolution period, it is difficult-to-impossible to achieve an erection. This makes biological sense because the biological objective of an erection (injecting sperm into an ovulating woman in order to procreate) is achieved after ejaculation.

Stop! What if you could trick your body into “skipping” the resolution period altogether?

Multiple Male Orgasm Axiom: Male Orgasm and ejaculation are two separate events. The onset of an orgasm actually takes place about 1-2 second BEFORE ejaculation. Discover this for yourself. The next time you have sex with yourself or with a partner and you begin to orgasm, count…1…one thousand…2…by the time you get to “2”, you’re just beginning to ejaculate.

So the trick is to have an orgasm but don’t ejaculate! How is this done? One way is through developing a strong pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. (The PC located between your scrotum and your anus; it’s the muscle that you use to stop the flow of urine.)

Most men do not have strong PC muscle because, unlike legs or arms, it’s a muscle that’s not used very often- primarily during ejaculation- this muscle is one of the keys to Multiple Male Orgasm. So, in order to strength this extremely important muscle, I recommend Kegels exercises. And while many people stress quantity, I stress doing a few quality Kegel exercises several times a day- not just to master Multiple Male Orgasm but for overall sexual conditioning.

…After, you’ve developed strong muscles, use them to stop yourself from ejaculating by squeezing and holding your PC muscles right before the urge to ejaculate. I’ve learned that timing is everything: Have the beginnings of orgasm then squeeze-and-hold your PC muscle. By doing it this way, you’ll achieve your first Multiple Male Orgasm much sooner.

Multiple Male Orgasm Technique #3

Including the mind, you’ll find will always improve your success with any effort- Multiple Male Orgasm included. Remember: the brain is by far the largest sex organ. Therefore, you'll find listening to Victoria Wizell's, Multiple Male Orgasm Hypnosis a powerful addition to your Multiple Male Orgasm repertoire.

Multiple Male Orgasm Technique #4:

This last approach can be used as you’re developing the art of Multiple Male Orgasm for yourself. We’ve used it to reduce the male resolution time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes (or instant) even with a full-blown ejaculation. We call it the Multiple Male Orgasm Swish

Enjoy Being a Master of Multiple Male Orgasms!

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  • Mr.Roesn August 24, 2009, 8:50 am

    I usually masturbate at the restroom. It is surprising to do at here. Firstly I take off my pants and do it. When I finish , I clean with towels and go out. Let’s do like this.

  • rdrazr August 26, 2009, 5:31 am

    do you have any pictures

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