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New Secret Tips And Tricks To Enhance Male Orgasm!

If you have always imagined how you could enhance male orgasm, then you are reading the right article. Less spoken about than its female counterpart, the male orgasm has escaped hot debates and discussions for years but not any more. The new man of the new millennium wants more and now. For such men, there are various techniques that can be applied to enhance the sensations and pleasures of the male orgasm. Try these simple yet effective techniques for experiencing powerful and truly ecstatic orgasms solo or with partners.

Men have always envied women for their g-spot orgasms and of course for being blessed with the magical ability of having multiple orgasms. But recent research in science has revealed good news for the men. They too have a g-spot! The male g-spot, named after the female counterpart, is the prostate gland, located deep within the body, reachable through the anus. And yes, they too can have multiple orgasms with this g-spot stimulation!

The prostate is located in the region between the anus and the scrotum and is responsible for both manufacturing a fluid that helps produce semen, and closing the urine duct to allow for the safe passage of sperm. Because of its intimate relationship to a man's orgasm, the stimulation of the prostate can cause incredible pleasures and tremendously enhance male orgasm. Our article on the male g-spot orgasm will help you better understand the new male g-spot or prostate orgasm.

Loaded with millions of nerves endings the prostate is extremely sensitive to touch. When stimulated during sex, and especially during ejaculation or near ejaculation, it can be a source of great pleasures for a man. To enhance male orgasm, one can try external stimulation of the prostate by gently rubbing the perineum, which is the area between the anus and the scrotal sacs in a man. The prostate lies inside, below the thin skin lining in this area. Rubbing this area when a man is hot can produce deep tingling sensations that will drive him wild!

To further enhance male orgasm, prostate stimulation can also be tried using fingers. This physical stimulation is direct and very exciting as it is a new way of orgasming. To enhance male orgasm, insert your finger or fingers inside his anus and gently massage the prostate. Since by direct stimulation by fingers, a man’s prostate and anal nerve endings are simultaneously aroused, this technique is really a hit. For men who enjoy anal play, prostate orgasms offer a whole new world of pleasures and delights and will make them explode with pleasure.

And if you think that fingers might be too dangerous, there are scores of prostate stimulators available in the market. One of the best-known brands is Aneros prostate stimulator, which has been known enhance male orgasm many times with its firm and hard stimulation. Specially designed for the purpose of prostate stimulation, cone shaped Aneros is very different from other anal toys and truly effective when you want to try prostate orgasms or enhance male orgasm.

For some men, pressing the prostate itself can generate an orgasm, for others it just adds to the sensations of lovemaking. Prostate orgasms or male g-spot orgasms can also be coupled with other love making techniques to enhance the male orgasm. Because both the base of the penis and the prostate gland are accessible when love making, you can also try stimulating the man's penis while massaging his prostate. This is a very thrilling experience as described by some veterans and can do wonders to enhance male orgasm.

The prostate or male g-spot orgasm is very different from a regular orgasm. It is more deep and dry and hence much more satisfying. If you really want to go wild with passion and ecstasy, try combining the two to enhance male orgasm. For example, try fellatio coupled with prostate stimulation to enhance male orgasm for an experience from beyond. Men of all sexual orientations, whether gay or straight, vouch for the extremely pleasurable sensations experienced through a prostate orgasm. Once you too experience sex like this, you will never want to try anything else, ever!

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  • stefan pikta June 17, 2012, 2:53 pm

    Amazing! This could be the start of something nee and truly wonderful!

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